Published and Forthcoming Work

Ellen, Ingrid G., Michael Suher, and Gerard Torrats-Espinosa. Forthcoming. “Neighbors and Networks: The Role of Social Interactions on the Residential Choices of Housing Choice Voucher Holders.” Journal of Housing Economics

Heissel, Jennifer A., Patrick Sharkey, Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, Kathryn Grant, and Emma K. Adam. Forthcoming. “Violence and Vigilance: The Acute Effects of Community Violent Crime on Sleep and Cortisol.” Child Development [site]

Sharkey, Patrick, Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, and Delaram Takyar. 2017. “Community and the Crime Decline: The Causal Effect of Local Nonprofits on Violent Crime.” American Sociological Review 82(6): 1214–1240 [site]
[Coverage]: NYTimes, Minnesota PostBloomberg, Curbed.

Sharkey, Patrick and Gerard Torrats-Espinosa. 2017. “The Effect of Violent Crime on Economic Mobility.” Journal of Urban Economics 102: 22-33 [site]
[Coverage]: Washington Post, CityLab.

Work in Progress

Balcells, Laia and Gerard Torrats-Espinosa. “The Political Consequences of Terrorism. Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” Revise and resubmit [pdf]

Ellen, Ingrid G. and Gerard Torrats-Espinosa. “High-Cost Cities, Gentrification, and Voucher Use.” Under review

Torrats-Espinosa, Gerard and Patrick Sharkey. “The Fall of Violence and the Reconfiguration of Urban Neighborhoods.”

Torrats-Espinosa, Gerard. “Crime and Inequality in Academic Achievement across School Districts in the United States”

Torrats-Espinosa, Gerard. “Business Improvement Districts and Crime: Evidence from Chicago”