Intro Statistical Methods (Fall 2017)

Course resources

Link to DataCamp group “NYU-SOC Fall 2017 Introduction to Quantitative Methods”
Replication exercise: [paper], [appendix], [data], [sample1pct], [sample25pct], [codebook]

Lab materials

Data for labs and assignments: [ipums-nyc-2015]
Lab 1 (09/21/2017): [R script]
Lab 2 (09/28/2017): [R script]
Lab 3 (10/12/2017): [R script]
Lab 4 (10/19/2017): [R script]
Lab 5 (10/26/2017): [R script]
Lab 6 (11/02/2017): [R script]
Lab 7 (11/09/2017): [Slides]
Lab 9 (11/30/2017): [Slides],[R script]


Problem sets

Problem set 1 (due 09/28/2017): [pdf]
Problem set 2 (due 10/05/2017): [pdf]
Problem set 3 (due 10/30/2017): [pdf]
Problem set 4 (due 11/20/2017): [pdf]

Other resources

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