During the month of June of 2019, I will be cycling across America to raise funds to support research to fight childhood cancer. I will be taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge, a national fundraising event that unites people from all 50 states to ride and raise funds for this cause. I left my apartment in New York City on June 1st, and I am heading to the West Coast. The goal is to complete as much as I can of this trip during the month of June to accumulate miles for the Great Cycle Challenge.

All the raised funds will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund, a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that supports academic research on childhood cancer and provides services to families impacted by this disease. I am paying for all the expenses of this trip by myself, so 100% of the funds that I raise will go directly to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund. You can find my fundraising page here.

Below, you can find the map, elevation profile, and other stats of each stage that I have completed so far. You can also find links to pictures that I post daily on an Instagram account I opened for this trip.

Day 1, June 1, 2019, 68 miles: New York, NY to Princeton, NJ. [map and elevation],[pictures]

Day 2, June 2, 2019, 130 miles: Princeton, NJ to Aberdeen, MD. [map and elevation],[pictures]

Day 3, June 3, 2019, 72 miles: Aberdeen, MD to Washington, DC. [map and elevation],[pictures]

Day 4, June 4, 2019, 115 miles: Washington, DC to Charlottesville, VA [map and elevation],[pictures]

Day 5, June 5, 2019, 69 miles: Charlottesville, VA to Lexington, VA. [map and elevation],[pictures]

Day 6, June 6, 2019, 149 miles: Lexington, VA to Marion, VA. [map and elevation], [pictures]

Day 7, June 7, 149 miles: Marion, VA to Hazard, KY. [map and elevation], [pictures]